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Gum disease can lead to significant oral health and health consequences if left untreated. In fact, it is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults, and can even increase one’s risk of cardiac disease, heart attack, stroke, and diabetes, among other serious health risks. Gum disease will not just go away, and it requires ongoing treatment to prevent the disease from progressing. Allow Las Vegas dentist Dr. Matthew Wilson the opportunity to treat your gum disease by applying Arestin, an antibiotic that kills the harmful bacteria causing your gum disease.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease, also referred to as gum disease, affects the gum tissue, teeth, and surrounding jawbone. It develops due to an accumulation of bacteria and plaque, usually due to poor oral hygiene and the lack of routine dental cleanings. Gum disease begins as gingivitis, which affects nearly 80% of adults in America, and quickly progresses into later stages of the disease if not treated properly.

In the advanced stages of gum disease, the harmful bacteria cause infection under the gums surrounding the roots of the teeth. These areas are referred to as periodontal pockets or perio pockets. Healthy oral hygiene efforts at home simply cannot clean these pockets well enough, which is why additional measures are to be taken to stop the spread of the disease. If ignored, the bacteria may enter the bloodstream, and begin to affect vital organs in the body.

How can gum disease be treated? 

Gum disease must be treated with a combination of good oral hygiene habits practiced at home, routine dental cleanings (usually repetitive scaling and root planing procedures), as well as administering Arestin, an antibiotic below the gum line.

What is Arestin?

One way to treat gum disease is by the application of Arestin. This oral antibiotic is applied directly to the gums, inside of the pockets. Arestin can be used as a standalone treatment for gum disease, but often is used in conjunction with other measures such as a dental deep cleaning (scaling and root planing), repetitive therapy, or laser gum therapy. The dentist will determine which course of action is best for your case of periodontal disease.

Arestin is also used as part of a maintenance program to help prevent the reoccurrence of gum disease.

Administered in a powder form, Arestin will stay in place and work to kill off bacteria for up to three weeks. 

Proven Results

Arestin has been proven to be an effective method of treating gum disease. It even helps reduce the size of the perio pockets. Since Arestin can kill the harmful gum disease-causing bacteria, results are more effective when paired with a dental deep cleaning, studies show. Also, clinical studies have shown that Arestin helps reduce bleeding that occurs in infected gums.

At Inspire Dental of Summerlin, we are experienced in treating gum disease with the oral application of Arestin, which is only one of the tools available for treatment. To protect your oral health, as well as your overall health, gum disease must be stopped to prevent it from reoccurring.

Gum Disease Treatment in Summerlin

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