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Replace an entire dental arch of teeth in a single day by having Las Vegas cosmetic dentist Dr. Matthew Wilson install the All-On-4 Implant System also referred to as Teeth in a Day.

What are All-On-4 Implants?

The All-On-4 tooth replacement system has the following parts:

  • Replacement teeth, which are made to look like your remaining natural teeth, as well as natural looking gum tissue that fits over your existing tissue and boney ridge of the dental arches.
  • Four dental implants, which are inserted at strategic locations in the mouth to anchor the arch of replacement teeth.

What are the benefits of All-On-4?

All-On-4 has several benefits for an individual who has been living with significant tooth loss or currently has severely damaged teeth in need of extraction.

  • Supporting the bone structure – The implants provide the stimulation to the jawbone that once was provided by the roots of each tooth.
  • Supporting the facial structure – People with lost teeth often end up with a “sunken-in” facial appearance. The All-On-4 prevents these concerns, and many patients who receive the implant system say they look years younger following the procedure.
  • Economical – It is significantly cheaper to receive an All-On-4 system, rather than have separate dental implants installed to replace each missing tooth.
  • Convenience – Patients with the All-On-4 procedure never have to worry about loose fitting dentures or teeth that do not stay in place. This revolutionary tooth replacement option is permanent and never has to be removed, unlike traditional dentures.

What should I expect from an All-On-4 procedure?

Installing the All-On-4 entails several steps, all performed within the same day:

  • At the first appointment, our staff takes impressions of your mouth, which our trusted dental lab uses as a model to construct the replacement teeth.
  • If you require extractions, Dr. Wilson will apply anesthetic to your gums to ensure you are numb and proceed with extracting severely damaged or decayed teeth.
  • Dr. Wilson will then install the four implants that will anchor your new permanent teeth.
  • The dental lab will need a few hours to handcraft your new teeth. You may wait at our office or go home and rest if you prefer.
  • Your next appointment will take place later that same day after the dental lab returns your replacement teeth. Dr. Wilson will permanently seat the replacement teeth to your dental implants.
  • Your new teeth are now in place!

What is different about the All-On-4 implants versus conventional dental implants?

A patient who receives conventional dental implants has to wait several months or more to complete the procedure due to the healing process involved. However, a patient who gets the All-On-4 has all their upper or lower teeth replaced in a single day. Since shorter implants are used, the typical waiting period for healing is usually not necessary.

Also, no bone grafts or sinus augmentation surgeries are necessary with the All-On-4 system.

Importance of Tooth Replacement

Did you know that more than 35 million Americans are living without all of their upper and/or lower teeth? Living with tooth loss of this significance has a major impact on quality of life from decreased chewing ability, impaired speech, lack of self-confidence, and improper nutrition. For some, their missing teeth could even impact their quality of life by leading to social isolation.

Teeth in a Day in Summerlin

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