Selfies are the rage!

Let’s face it, who among us hasn’t stretched their arm out to the point of near dislocation to get just the right angle on the perfect selfie shot.  That is often followed by applying all of the typical beauty filters and editing to ensure it is post-worthy and then zooming it off to the world.  It’s always interesting to see the stark contrast between the raw and touched-up versions of the selfies you sometimes see.  You see clearer skin, more vibrant eyes and a smile that could light up a room…  But, it’s  not always reality.  When it comes to the world of smiles, the visual difference between healthy and unhealthy smiles can be enormous.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to forget the editing and filters and smile with the beauty and confidence that comes from simple health?  You can do it!  Just make health your priority and you’ll be amazed by what magic can happen.  Remember, better self equals better selfies!


Matthew J. Wilson, DDS
Inspire Dental of Summerlin