tips to get selfie ready

Tips to get your Smile Selfie Ready

Summerlin, Las Vegas, and Henderson Nevada By now the word selfie is a fairly common term associated with social media and picture taking. Even if you are not privy to these millennial phrases or do not use social media, pretty …

power of a smile

The Power of a Smile

Summerlin, Las Vegas, and Henderson Nevada Something that is known to impact, change or influence is known as being powerful. That is exactly what a smile is – powerful. Not only does a smile reflect emotion and feelings of happiness, …

is it timefor a root canal

Could it be time for a Root Canal

Summerlin, Las Vegas, and Henderson Nevada Root canals are essentially a deep filling that involves cleaning the inside of a tooth, deep into its roots, to remove any infection and diseased tissue. After a filling is placed, and then the …

choosing family dentist in summerlin

Choosing a Family Dentist in Summerlin

Summerlin, Las Vegas, and Henderson Nevada If you have a family, you are certainly busy. From getting the kids from school to shuffling them to ball practice or private music lessons, between work and family, you have a lot on …

dental anxiety

Kick Dental Fears to the Curb

Your Las Vegas dentist discusses cognitive behavioral therapy, a new option for patients who suffer from great dental anxieties.

thankful for our smile

For our Smiles we are Thankful

Your cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas goes over some of the best foods for your teeth that you can be enjoying at your upcoming Thanksgiving feast.

exploring teeth whitening options

Exploring Whitening Options

Your top provider of Teeth Whitening in Las Vegas discusses some of the in-store whitening products and how they stack up against professional ones.

recreate your smile

Time To Recreate Your Smile

There are several ways that you’re able to recreate your smile in Las Vegas with the smile makeover that’s offered by Dr. Wilson!