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Why Inspire Dental is offering Sleep Solutions...

Sleep disorders are among the most underdiagnosed, yet most broadly damaging conditions individuals experience today.

As oral health professionals we are in a unique position to become highly familiar with each patient’s oral cavity, airway and how this anatomy affects breathing and sleep. I made the decision to bring sleep medicine to my practice because of the incredible number of individuals I have seen that have been affected by poor quality sleep and lack of oxygen. These issues are literally life-threatening. Sleep disorders greatly increase risk of stroke, heart conditions, high blood pressure and many other serious conditions. Those with sleep disorders also frequently experience loud snoring, halted breathing (apnea), poor memory, constant fatigue, low libido, depression and lower work performance. Even their relationships can be highly affected due to the effects their condition has on their partner’s sleep.

Many have come to accept all these symptoms as normal simply because they have been battling them so long. However, they are NOT normal and there IS a solution. If you have experienced these symptoms please contact us to schedule a free consultation. It could literally save your life.

- Dr. Matthew Wilson, DDS

The process starts with your consultation. Dr. Wilson will sit down with you to address your concerns and evaluate you to see if you're an ideal candidate for this course of treatment.


Next, we will schedule your sleep study. Every person is unique and this sleep study allows us to create a treatment plan customized for you.


After your sleep study is completed we will sit down to discuss your results and create a plan of action. Our sleep solution plan will allow you take control of your health once again!

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