questions about teeth in a day

Questions About Teeth in a Day

questions about teeth in a daySummerlin, Las Vegas, and Henderson Nevada

Are you missing all of your teeth, and searching for an alternative to conventional dentures? If so, then the All-on-4 implant system also known as Teeth in a Day, may be right for you. During your consultation with Las Vegas cosmetic dentist Dr. Matthew Wilson, he will determine if you are a candidate. However, here is some general information about the procedure that may be useful if you are considering this revolutionary tooth replacement option.

Who is a candidate for Teeth in a day/All-On-4 Implants?

This restorative dental option is best suited for patients that are about to lose all of their teeth, or for those who currently wear dentures. It is ideal for those patients seeking an alternative option to wearing dentures.

I suffer from jawbone loss, am I still a candidate?

Approximately 80 percent of patients who were previously told they were not candidates for implant dentistry are viable candidates for the All-on-4 system. Unlike traditional dental implants, which replace each tooth individually, the All-on-4 implant system utilizes the front part of the jawbone, which has a greater density and means that bone grafts or sinus augmentation are often not necessary. However, with that being said, it is still important that you undergo a consultation with Dr. Wilson if you are considering the All-on-4 procedure.

What is the difference between this procedure and traditional dental implants?

With this procedure, we take advantage of the dense frontal jawbone to place the implants. If any implants are needed toward the back of the mouth, we place those at an angle, which is why diminished jawbone is often not a factor. Because of the way the implants are placed, the recovery period is much shorter than with traditional implants.

How long is the surgery?

While each treatment is different, it typically takes about 2 ½ hours per dental arch or approximately 5 hours for the full mouth. When you leave our office, you will have a full set of beautiful, functional replacement teeth.

Will I experience any discomfort or pain?

We usually recommend patients take an anti-inflammatory medication before undergoing this procedure. This helps in reducing any discomfort or swelling that may otherwise occur.

How much does All-on-4 cost?

Cost varies on a case-by-case basis, depending on the extent of the surgery, and whether any other procedures such as extractions may be necessary to complete the process. Keep in mind that during your consultation, we will discuss the cost estimates for your specific procedure. Plus, you can always work with our third-party financing partner, CareCredit, which allows you to make monthly payments to cover the cost of a procedure.

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