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The Importance of Wearing a Sports Guard

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When you think of contact sports, images of football or hockey games may come to mind. Maybe you also conjure images of a boxing ring. However, even sports that are not traditionally considered to be contact sports carry a risk of catastrophic dental injuries. In fact, recent findings indicate that soccer players and basketball players are more likely to sustain an injury to the orofacial system than football players—with basketball players facing a risk up to 15 times that of those who play on the gridiron. The point is that dental sports injuries often can occur when you might not anticipate them, and this magnifies the importance of wearing a sports guard when any member of your family is participating in a sport where contact with another player or sports equipment may occur.

Dental sports injuries are serious business

Dental sports injuries usually are sustained from a collision with another athlete or a piece of equipment. These injuries often result in total tooth loss and require going to the emergency dentist in Summerlin. When a person sustains a dental injury while playing a sport, lost time at school or work is quite common. Patients who sustain injuries of this type also are more susceptible to other oral health problems in the aftermath of the incident. These issues can include crookedness in teeth or the development of temporomandibular joint disorder.

A sports guard is a vital part of your athletic equipment, no matter the sport

Wearing a sports guard in your mouth during competitions or practice protects your lips, teeth, cheeks, and tongue against injury. Sports guards also help prevent jaw fractures, neck injuries, and also have been found to minimize the frequency and severity of concussions. The Academy of General Dentistry recommends that participants in sports such as basketball, softball, wrestling, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, in-line skating, and martial arts wear sports guards, whether taking part in an athletic competition or just participating in one of these sports as a leisure activity.

Youth Sports Guards in Las Vegas

According to data compiled by the National Youth Sports Foundation for the Prevention of Athletic Injuries, dental injuries are the most common type of facial injury sustained by young people who participate in contact sports. Athletes in Las Vegas in need of sports guards can obtain a custom-made one from Dr. Matthew Wilson at Inspire Dental of Summerlin. Dr. Wilson takes impressions of the mouth, making sure each sports guard has a snug and comfortable fit in your mouth. Our sports guards also are made of higher-quality materials than the guards available for purchase at your local pharmacy and sporting goods store. It takes approximately two weeks after impressions are made to receive your sports guard in Summerlin at the Inspire Dental office. Caring for a sports guard is easy; just clean it gently by using a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild soap. Always store it in the case that is provided. 

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