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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and prevention is key when it comes to protecting your oral health. Part of our prevention efforts sometimes includes the application of fluoride. Fluoride is a varnish that helps protect your teeth against tooth decay.

Help provide additional protection for your oral health and fight against the dangers of tooth decay by receiving a fluoride treatment from your Las Vegas family dentist at Inspire Dental of Summerlin!

What is fluoride and why should I use it? 

Fluoride is a natural mineral that interacts with the other minerals (like calcium) that occur naturally in your mouth. These mineral interactions strengthen your ability to fight off tooth decay. The presence of fluoride also hardens and re-mineralizes small imperfections that naturally form on the surfaces of your teeth.

Is fluoride safe?

100%! Fluoride has been used for decades in dentistry and has been proven safe. In fact, fluoride has been an additive in our drinking water and most brands of toothpaste for decades. Since its introduction, fluoride has dramatically decreased the occurrence of tooth decay. However, we should never forget that good oral hygiene and routine dental visits are still a necessary part of maintaining good oral health.

Are fluoride treatments right for me?

Patients of any age can benefit from receiving fluoride treatments! We encourage most all of our pediatric patients to receive fluoride treatments as part of our program of preventive care. Fluoride is especially vital to anyone if they are at high risk for tooth decay due to gum disease, genetics, or some other factor.

We also suggest patients receive fluoride treatments if their water source is non-fluoridated, comes from a well, or consists of distilled water. Fluoride also can be very beneficial for individuals who cannot see their dentist twice per year for professional cleanings and examinations due to mitigating factors like finances or transportation.

What type of fluoride treatments does Inspire Dental of Summerlin offer?

We offer In-office fluoride treatments by appointment. In many cases, we apply these fluoride treatments as part of your twice-yearly professional cleaning. Applying a fluoride treatment is simple. We typically do so after a thorough dental cleaning by our dental hygienist. The fluoride is clear and is painted on all surfaces of your teeth. It takes only seconds to apply!

What to do after a fluoride treatment

Any patient who receives a fluoride treatment should not be eating, drinking, or rinsing for at least 20 minutes after the procedure. Fluoride is not a substitute for a regular, comprehensive regimen of oral hygiene that entails brushing twice per day and flossing daily. We also recommend using fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash. Just look for brands that carry the American Dental Association (ADA) seal of acceptance on the packaging.

Fluoride is just part of our program of preventive care, which seeks to prevent oral health problems before they even begin.

Fluoride Treatments in Summerlin

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