Forget what you think you know about Dental Implants

Summerlin, Las Vegas, and Henderson Nevada

Most Americans will lose a permanent tooth at some point in their life. Are you one of them? If you have been living with tooth loss, you probably have researched some of the tooth replacement options in Summerlin. Currently, the finest tooth replacement option that is available is a dental implant, but you may be hesitant to pursue this treatment option. Perhaps you are concerned about possible pain during the installation of the implant. Or, maybe you are worried you cannot afford an implant. However, your Las Vegas implant dentist Dr. Matthew Wilson is happy to inform you that receiving an implant to replace a lost tooth is easier than never.

We can place an implant at the same time a tooth is extracted

If you have scheduled to have a tooth removed at Inspire Dental of Summerlin, we can place the implant screw during the same appointment. This saves you time and money and can speed the process of having the implant process completed, as your body can begin healing immediately as the implant screw fuses into the jawbone.

We can place multiple implants during the same appointment

Are you living with multiple lost teeth? Dr. Wilson can install multiple implant screws during the same appointment, maximizing convenience for you. And, for patients who are living with major tooth loss, Inspire Dental of Summerlin is proud to offer the revolutionary All on Four system, which can replace an entire dental arch worth of teeth during a single day. The All on Four procedure also is an option for patients who may have been disqualified from undergoing a standard implant installation because of a lack of bone density.

Receiving a dental implant is more comfortable than ever

Any procedure that involves installing a dental implant screw qualifies as oral surgery because the screw is inserted into your supporting bone structure, where it fuses to the jawbone and replaces the root of the lost tooth. Our staff will administer an anesthetic before any work on an implant installation begins, making sure you feel no discomfort at any point during the procedure. In fact, if you schedule your implant procedure at the same time a tooth is extracted, you already will be under the effects of an anesthetic. If you are having multiple implants installed or you have difficulty undergoing prolonged dental procedures, Inspire Dental of Summerlin offers sedation dentistry in Summerlin via oral sedation and nitrous oxide.

The cost of dental implants is more affordable than you might think

New technologies and tools have made advanced dental procedures like the installation of an implant easier and less expensive. Inspire Dental of Summerlin accepts payment in the form of cash, personal check, and major credit cards. We also work with several dental insurance plans and offer third-party financing through CareCredit, the most popular third-party payer for medical expenses throughout North America.

Dental Implants in Las Vegas

Not all dentists are qualified to perform a dental implant procedure. Dr. Matthew Wilson not only has experience in implant dentistry, but he also has received continuing education in the specialty of oral surgery so he can place an implant screw safely and accurately in the jawbone. Inspire Dental of Summerlin also can take measures to prevent additional tooth loss, if possible. To learn more about our dental implant procedures or office policies, contact our office at (702) 331-4700 to schedule a consultation. At this appointment, Dr. Wilson will answer any questions you may have about receiving a dental implant.

Inspire Dental of Summerlin welcomes patients in the areas of Henderson, Las Vegas, and Summerlin in Nevada.