how to choose a cosmetic dentist

How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist

how to choose a cosmetic dentistSummerlin, Las Vegas, and Henderson Nevada

When it comes to your smile, you probably would not want to trust just any dentist, but finding the right one for you may be a challenge. Today, there are so many dentists out there that you can choose from, so how do you choose the right one?

We are providing you with a way to evaluate cosmetic dentists in Las Vegas to ensure they can meet the dental care needs of you and your family. At Inspire Dental on Summerlin, we are confident that we will surpass your expectations in patient care.


During dental school, dentists receive basic dental training, and there is not much focus on cosmetic dentistry past that. For dentists that wish to offer cosmetic dentistry to their patients, post-graduate training is a necessity. It is during these courses that a dentist receives knowledge about up-to-date cosmetic procedures and techniques.

At Inspire Dental of Summerlin, our dentist and staff possess the knowledge, experience, and training to provide our patients with elite dental care. Our cosmetic dentistry results in gorgeous, functional smiles for the whole family. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Matthew Wilson has received continuing education and training so that he can offer the most cutting-edge treatments available in cosmetic dentistry today.

Technology and Materials

A cosmetic dentist needs to have access to the highest quality dental materials and technology in the field. Cosmetic dentistry has evolved throughout the years, and techniques and materials that are used have changed. Fillings can now be made to match your teeth. Veneers are ultra-thin and less bulky than before. With same-day dentistry, patients experience the convenience and exceptional results of elite dental care. The possibilities are endless with today’s technological advances.

At Inspire Dental of Summerlin, we use technology and materials to provide outstanding results for our patients. We can custom design each smile makeover, and provide results that last. We are sure to use materials and techniques that are safe and are of the highest quality available.

Ask for Proof

Nothing speaks more about the work of a Las Vegas cosmetic dentist than results. Ask to see before and after images of patients who have received cosmetic dental work from the dentist you are considering. Researching online to read reviews and patient testimonials could be helpful when making your selection. Reviewing this information, along with before and after images will help you decide if the cosmetic dentist that you are choosing is the right fit for you.

Comprehensive Care

Ideally, your cosmetic dentist would also offer comprehensive care for you and the whole family. This way you do not have to worry about traveling around town for other dental services.

The office of Inspire Dental of Summerlin is all-inclusive and offers services such as:

  • General dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Neuromuscular dentistry
  • Sleep apnea treatment
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Sedation dentistry

The Right Dentist for You

Of course, like any major decision in life, go with your gut. The right cosmetic dentist for you should make you feel comfortable, explain everything that is to be expected, and be happy to answer any of your questions that you may have. Your dentist should show genuine enthusiasm when speaking with you about meeting your cosmetic dental needs. After all, cosmetic dentistry is about more than just changing your smile – it can improve your life.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Summerlin

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